How to make Elderberry Syrup

Erica Kuo

 (Certified Herbalist, Master Gardener, Founder of Rosemary Garden Herbal Care)

When it comes to Fall, we must take good care of respiratory tract. According to TCM theory (Traditional Chinese Medicine) , Autumn is the season of Metal and harvest . It is the season to prepare for the coming of winter. In Taiwan, since October, the influenza is endemic and it’s the best time to care the respiratory system; so called the lung in TCM.

As following is the recipe of elderflower syrup. This syrup will tonify lungs and respiratory system with Qi tonics and relief the lung congestion. Qi means "vital energy". The recipe also included 5 flavors based on TCM 「Five elements theory.

※Pungent :Warming , spicy herbs to awaken the senses and get Qi moving.

※Salt: High in minerals can affect the balance of fluids in the bodies.

※Sour: Stimulate digestion, usually high in antioxidants.

※Bitter: Digestion-aids and have cooling and draining property to help modulate inflammation.

※Sweet: Build and restore energy and modulate the immune system.

30 g dry organic licorice root (sweet)

10g dry organic cinnamon (pungent)

15 g dry organic echinacea root (pungent)

15g dry organic elderberry (bitter,sour)

5g  dry ginger root(fresh 10g pungent )

One cup Honey (sweet)

1.Place all herbs in a saucepan to 1 quart of cold water. Keep low heat ,simmer the liquid down to 1 pint. 2. Squeeze , discard and compost the herbs.  3. Add honey and mix the liquid well for couple minutes. 4. Remove from the heat and prepare clean bottle for use.

Usage: add 5ml syrup with 250ml warm water or tea. children 2.5ml, 3- 4 times /per day.