Fighting with allergy: From Journalist to Herbalist

I  graduated from MA in Communication Studies at University of Leeds in the UK.  I am a Registered Herbalist (AHG). Before I became a herbalist,I worked as a healthcare and medical journalist for 8 years. Furthermore I worked at NGO to promote health awareness and empower people to get wellness. On the
contrary, I have had skin allergy problem since over 20 years ago. My allergy experience included burning like lesion after using cosmetics produced and supervised by dermatologists. I had ever been diagnosed as suspected SLE ( systemic lupus erythematosus) but the diagnosis is incorrect. Steroid was prescribed by doctors and I used it for over one month but the response was poor.

So I began to learn how to use herbs and got benefit from these experiences with more confidence. I keep learning herbs and my family have never used western medicine for over 6 years.

Because Chinese are fond of Chinese medicine and there exists a five-element theory. In Taiwan, the Chinese medicine is imported from China. Majority of Chinese medicine without organic certified consists of heavy metal and pesticides, which can result in chronic renal failure. Chinese are used to take medication and
the average amount of medication Taiwanese taken is 7 times the amount of Americans.

In Chinese society, although most folks are not familiar to west herbs I wish to apply the concept of self healing to let Chinese understand western herbal formula, and method of healthcare to decrease the medication Taiwanese taken. I not only focus on the properties of herbs but also on herbs safety and interaction with medicine,
Chinese Herbs and supplements.